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This is the most awsome animation that I've seen in a long while. Some bits are soooo random but I like the little spoofs of the game itself, lol. This animation was worth waiting to load for :D I had to wait for the extra awesome effects at the end with the fight of the dragon, but all of it was good. This piece must of taken you ages to animate, especially when the animation is quite long. I want to see more :D

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The Best Comic Animation

This is the best comic based animation I have ever seen :D You made my day. Your sketches of the characters are very well drawn and the camera shots are well thought. I enjoyed watching this animation, this is a full 10/10


Dude, In my opinion, It was a bit boring...because...it's annoying being in a lift for that long to watch, it was a waste of time for me. Atleast your animation is vector and thats what I like, I hate people uploading pixel animations.

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Good game.

That was a hevy game. I want to lear how to make my movie clip animations come to life wid moving them with the key.

Hey m8, can u plz tell me tha scrip on making the character move left, right and to make it jump plz.

Dat was sweet, seeing myself get killed, lol

That was cool putting my face on the king kong movie, i always knew I could be a good actor and get killed by some next humungus ape in diff. ways. Add more deaths man, u were sneaky wid ur animtion, coz i can tell it the animation repeats tha same movement wid all tha celebrities, but i rate u for letting us customize our own person, that was cool. You kinda got away wid dat :)


That's the best and long flash game that I've ever played. It even has the option to save, siiiiiiiik. all demoptions for fighta, this game reminds me of pokemon and final fantasy. I like the graphics aswell, they're pretty sweet.

Yo, sup peeps? Diz iz Lineboy and im coming back with a bang. Hope you'll like my animations, peace? !!!Que Viva Colombia!!!

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